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British Police Aint Got Time For Your Hoopty

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British Police Aint Got Time For Your Hoopty

Have you ever wondered if a Demoliton Derby Car could be driven on the streets? Well…yes…they can. Just not legally. Cheshire, Great Brittain, police recently tweeted a picture of what can only be described as a “Demo Car” that was being driven around the streets of the town. The caption read: Stopped in we kid you not!! Driver reported for having no insurance and using a vehicle in a dangerous condition!! Vehicle seized. It was once a Rover in red by the way! ‍♂️‍♂️

I once had a vehicle that was loud enough for a State Patrol Officer to mock me in front of my future wife. He pulled me over for the vehicle noise and during the traffic stopped and leaned in my window to address her saying, “Do you like riding in cars like this?” I couldn’t tell if he was upset about my car or the gorgeous woman in my life? She handled it like a champ and whispered “I don’t mind.” I felt like a real champ that day. Mocked by police and my then girlfriend/future wife showed her undying support of nothing.


SOURCE: Sky News

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