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Should we legalize pot?

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Should we legalize pot?

Isn’t it time that we open up those doors and allow marijuana to be legalized?  I have heard that people call it the gateway drug, but is it really?  I honestly believe that cigarettes and beer are.  I think of the illegal drug trade going on and the lives that are changed because of it, the jail time, the addiction, the failure to pay taxes on it.  I would think for the taxes alone we would legalize it.  Here is the thing, I don’t smoke pot, but I do pay taxes, to many taxes, and many of my tax dollars are going to pay for people who are addicted to various drugs, wouldn’t it make sense for the problem to pay for the solution?  Plus, it would open up our court systems, it would free up some of the time that the cops are dedicating to busting those smoking a little weed.

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