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Be On The Lookout For…BANDIT COW!

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Be On The Lookout For...BANDIT COW!

Sherriffs officials in Virginia have issued a BOLO (be on the lookout for you non-cop speaking folks) for a sturday and capapble criminal…BANDIT COW!

Apparently there is a cow that is loose in a wooded area of York County, Virginia. There isn’t word as to whether or not the cow is causing problems, destroying property or being disruptive though, all three are plausible. However, the sherrifs office released this tweet…

“BOLO- this elusive bovine has been on the loose in a wooded area near Penniman Rd. Sgt Radcliffe put out a few bales of hay near where it has been bedding down. Animal control has a plan to catch the cow & deliver it to a rescue facility. If you see the animal please call 9-1-1.”

No word if the cow is still at large. We will keep you posted


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