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Wonder Woman Will Never Do These Things, Says Director Patty Jenkins

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Wonder Woman Will Never Do These Things, Says Director Patty Jenkins

SOURCE:  US Magazine

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins opened up about her plans for the film’s sequel during an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

“I know a lot about what I want [to do] because I thought about it the entire time I was making the first one,” the 46-year-old told Us at Variety’s Creative Impact Awards in Palm Springs, California on Wednesday, January 3. “I loved making the first one. It was a wonderful experience and I loved the people that I was working with and it felt like a very special moment where we were all doing something and it was working, you know? You can’t help but think, ‘OK, how do we move this conversation forward?’”

The first superhero flick was a global success, earning more than $412 million in North America and $821 million internationally since its release, according to Box Office Mojo. Jenkins shared with Us that she’s excited to continue telling Wonder Woman’s story “with a really wonderful group of people,” including lead Gal Gadot.

Although Gadot, 32, portrays a strong and powerful superior being, Jenkins revealed that there are still some things that are off limits for the Israeli actress, as far as filming goes. “We’re full of things Gal doesn’t do, oh yeah, that Wonder Woman doesn’t do, for sure. I have a million of them,” the Monster director revealed. “Head butt, punch people in the face unnecessarily, she’s not mean. She’s a badass! She saves everybody, but Wonder Woman doesn’t hurt people viciously, she’s not vicious. I have a lot, a lot of Wonder Womanrules. She’s a wonderful and good person who does whatever she has to do that’s the safest for mankind. The end.”

Wonder Woman 2 will hit theaters in the U.S. on November 1, 2019.

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