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5 Things You Shouldn’t Leave In Your Car During Cold Weather

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5 Things You Shouldn't Leave In Your Car During Cold Weather

You know, I get reall sick of the east coast complaining about cold and snow. Yes…things are pretty poopy out there right now. However, they act like this isn’t a REGULAR OCCURANCE for us “Fly over states!” The USA Today put out a list of Eight Things You Shouldn’t Leave in Your Car During Cold Temperatures. Here are 5 of them…

1.    Cellphones: Lithium-ion batteries popular in these devices are particularly vulnerable to extreme cold.
2.    Canned beverages: They might explode!
3.    Musical instruments: Those made of wood may contract with the cold, causing tuning issues and other damage.
4.    Medication: Freezing causes certain drugs to lose their effectiveness, including those that need to be shaken.
5.    Low gas tank: Keeping the gas level above half a tank will prevent fuel lines from freezing.

Seroiously? Like…that is just a list of things we think about every single January day here in good old Wisco! So, I thought I would put together MY list of Five Things You Shouldn’t Leave in Your Car During Cold Weather…

  1. Grandma
    1. Drugs. Those are better put to use with your person or in your body
  2. Your Hopes and Dreams. Ha ha ha…just kidding. We don’t have those when we live on the Tundra
  3. Farts. Proven scientific fact that Cold weather makes farts more potent.
  4. Yourself. It’s freezing, dummy. Go inside!


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