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You know, with how many people have pets, you expect to have to deal with the exrement of animals. Sometimes folks forget to scoop it up or they treat it like an errant golf shot and leave it where it lies. However, you never really think you’re going to see a human “back-side log” in your own yard. That, however, is exactly what Tiffany Mattzela experienced.

Tiffany headed out to her car to go get some breakfast one Saturday morning. And, well…”I came around to get in the passenger side of the vehicle, and I noticed a huge pile of feces,” Mattzela recalled. Assuming a big dog and irresponsible owner were to blame, she and her fiance went back to look at their security cameras. “When we did, we found it was not a dog,” Mattzela explained. “It was a person who had been jogging down the street, ran up between our two cars, defecated, and ran away.”

So, Tiffany took to asking for the jogger to come back and clean up the mess. Somewhat predictably the mess stayed, however, when Tiffany went out to her car on Wednesday Morning she discovered a NEW mess to deal with. This time the jogger left a very soiled piece of paper towel tucked into the handle of her car door. “I mean, it was vile,” she said.

A criminal mischiel complaint was filed and police say they are looking into the incidents.

If you are out and about and feel the need to…”use the facilities”…the thought of going in someones yard might come to mind. However, if you are thinking that way…

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