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Meat Eaters Have More Sex Than Vegetarians

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Meat Eaters Have More Sex Than Vegetarians

Steak lovers rejoice! I have some juicy and exciting news that you didn’t know you wanted to hear, but probably knew deep down already: Apparently, meat eaters have way more sex than people who shun delicious animal protein sources and stick to meatless, green vegetarian diets.

This revelation was brought to our attention by the good people at Gourmet Meat Club, where they surveyed over 2,000 people, and found that approximately 42 percent of meat eaters have sex at least once a week, whereas that number plummets to a woeful 16 percent for vegetarians.

However, I’d just like to quickly point out that Gourmet Meat Club is an artisan butchery and not a clinical foundation, so kindly take these findings with a grain of salt.




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