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The Worst Winter States

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The Worst Winter States

SOURCE:  Thrilllist

Winter doesn’t end until March 20th – no matter what that rat in Punxatawny says – and most of the country’s already sick to death of it. Between the cold and the snow, it’s become painfully clear that the only people who enjoy it truly have a screw loose.

Then there’s the argument about who has it worst. There’s a new list out that ranks each state on who has the toughest time during the cold months. Here are some of the highlights – let the arguments begin.

Minnesota – Their outward happiness only masks the pain of dealing with Alberta Clippers, Panhandle Hooks, and all that other misery that the season brings.

Michigan – From Halloween to Easter it’s grey, dark, and cold. There are places that get more snow, but the lack of sun gets old quick.

Alaska – This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, and it takes a special kind of being to tough it out up here.

North Dakota – One good blizzard will show you why.

Maine – The Maine attitude towards winter is a positive one, and that keeps them sane when it gets rough.

South Dakota – Four degrees warmer than North Dakota on average. Yes!

Wisconsin – Every city and town has three bars in it. Winter’s the reason.

Idaho – The northern part might as well be Canada, and the winds are just delightful.

Montana – The Continental Divide can change things drastically depending on if you’re East or West of it.

Massachusetts – Pick your poison: warmer winters with heavy snow, or bitter and nasty cold. If you’re lucky, you might get both on opposite ends of the season.

50 Hawaii – Uh…they DO get wind.



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