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Roseanne Barr tells The Hollywood Reporter that she would be a better president than Oprah. “I do love Oprah. Of course, I love Oprah like everybody else. But you know what? I think it was time for us as a country to shake things up and, you know, try something different. Actually, I think I’d be a better president than Oprah and Susan Sarandon, probably even President Trump. And I did run in 2012.”

Naughty Gossip claims there is less alcohol being served on this season of The Bachelor than in the past. Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr is quoted by the site as saying; “I wasn’t really aware of any new rules. I do believe there was a little bit less alcohol involved, but that’s OK. That’s great because with that comes some ramifications. So yeah, I don’t know if there was anything [on my season] done differently except for the limited us of alcohol and drinking alcohol.”

Kaley Cuoco tells People magazine that she and her fiance Karl Cook are talking about having children. “He’s blonde. Figured we’d have really cute blonde babies. We are happy and super excited about tying the knot. It feels awesome. You just know when you meet the right guy. I found the right person, and I’m super grateful for that.”

The Daily Star claims Meghan Markle gave Queen Elizabeth a singing toy hamster for Christmas. The Queen said; “They can keep my dogs company!”

Katy Perry tells TV Insider that this year’s American Idol judges aren’t mean. “No one is here to say, ‘I suck,’ or something that is negative. “I’m blunt, but I can’t be mean because I’m a woman. Literally, we are wasting our time if we do not find a star. America needs another star. They need a real, legit American Idol. It’s a crowded space and I take it really seriously, sometimes to my detriment.”

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