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Kelly Brook Reveals Her Boobs Weigh an Astronomical Amount

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Kelly Brook Reveals Her Boobs Weigh an Astronomical Amount

Kelly Brook revealed that her doctor told her she has to LOSE WEIGHT because her boobs are too big.

She made the shocking revelation on today’s Loose Women as she stepped in as a guest panelist.

And the busty model also tackled rumours about her sexuality, saying that people thought she was a lesbian when she was single and living with a female friend.

Kelly explained: “I’ve been having lots of back problems recently and I went to the doctor and he said, ‘I think you might need to lose weight…’.

“I was like, ‘Really?’ He was like, ‘Yeah you know you’ve put on quite a lot of weight, up here [motions to breasts].’

“Because that’s where I put it on, on my boobs. So my bras were not supporting me, it’s completely thrown my back out.”

She added: “So now I’m literally training to try and lose weight off my… so I’m running, but I can’t find sports bras so I’m actually just running like this [holding breasts] to try and keep them in place.

“But it is helping, he says if I strengthen my core it’s going to support me better. 5pm at night I’m just laid up and I’m in so much pain…”

On how heavy they are, she said: “I’ve gone up quite a lot. I was always booby, but I have gone up quite a lot. I think I’ve gone up to a 34FF. It’s about a kilogram each…

“People think that, ‘Oh I want a boob job, I want boobs…’. Because I was born with them I don’t know anything different – I would love to not have boobs and just be able to wear lovely little tops and do more sport and not have back problems and not have to worry about them sagging or whatever they’re going to do at some point.

“I think it’s the equivalent of three basketballs or something…”

She added: “It’s really sore, sciatica. It is excruciating. Hopefully I’ll fix it.”

Kaye Adams then added 4 tins of beans to a bra to feel the equivalent of Kelly’s breast weight.

Discussing rumours they’ve read about themselves in the press, Kelly said the most surprising was discussions about her sexuality.

Kelly explained: “One of them was that because they seem to think I have lots of boyfriends one after another they think I’m covering up… they seem to think I was covering it up because I was a secret lesbian because I was living with my friend at the time.”

She continued: “So interesting! I’m just a single woman living with my friend, I’m dating and that’s the assumption that I would be covering something up. If I was a lesbian I’d just come out and say I was a lesbian, I wouldn’t have to cover anything up.

“It was a bit of a double edged thing – I thought why is that a bad thing? And why would I lie about it? But I’m not a lesbian.”

Kelly admitted it felt like people didn’t think she should still be single: “Because I was 35/36 it was, ‘Oh she should be married now, there must be something wrong with her, she should have children, there must be something wrong with her, she must be a lesbian…’.

“It was kind of like a really old fashioned take on my situation and I just thought that was kind of sad really that we’re still having those conversations really.”



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