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Me Dumb! Don’t Know Rules!

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Me Dumb! Don't Know Rules!

On my commute to and from home and the radio station I must traverse the intersection of Rose and WI HWY 35. You know the one. It’s on the south side of town and they just did a fair amount of remodeling to that particular intersection. Turned the road into just a bunch of lanes. Completely revamped the turns. Made things really smooth and nice and modern looking. For the first time since starting here I realized that I am not sure how “Right Turn on Red” works at that intersection.

There are two right-turn lanes coming from Hwy 35 onto Rose. However, the inner most lane…the one usually reserved for “Right Turn on Red” priveledges…turns into an exit only for, east bound, Interstate 90 and the outer lane turns into the drive lane for Rose St. Are both lanes of traffic turning right permitted to turn on red lights provided it is safe to do so? Am I allowed to legally break the rules? Are dogs and cats laying together?

It was at this point in my thinking that I decided to never chastise anyone for not knowing a rule of the road. We are all big dumb animals, folks, and the powers that be are continually changing the rules so we stay that way. From now on, I am just going to drive like my grandmother does. In the backseat telling you to slow down and turn the heat up.

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