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Sex is Scary!

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Sex is Scary!

Have you ever sat there, naked, scared to move wondering if your partner felt the same way? According to a new study by UK Health and Beauty retailer, Superdrug, EVERYONE is.

Ok…everyone is nervous but women far more than men.

They asked 100 Europeans and Americans how they felt about sex and nervousness, caused by experimenting with new positions, plays a big part of it. The scariest position to try is the Standing 69. Standing? I pulled a muscle and gave my wife a concussion just typing that out. Standing sex in general makes women a little concerned as 16.9% of ladies surveyed expressed trepidation. Getting a little closer to the ground, the “Kneeling Wheelbarrow” causes 24.8% of females and 16% of dudes to break out in a cold sweat. Finally, women (54.5% of them compared to 30.5% of men) are also extremely concerned with anal sex.

Sex should be fun. Sex should be daring. Sex should be a (not-so) brief moment in time. Worrying about anything shouldn’t play into the equation. And, if whatever you are trying makes you break out into a rash…STOP IT!



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