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Eagles Fans are Buying Out Amazon’s Entire Inventory of Postgame Underdog Masks

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 Eagles Fans are Buying Out Amazon's Entire Inventory of Postgame Underdog Masks


The Philadelphia Eagles are embracing the underdog role after pulling off the “upset” win against the sixth-seeded Atlanta Falcons on Saturday.

Astonishingly, one retailer is reaping the benefits of the Eagles’ success.

After the win against the Falcons, Eagles players Chris Long and Lane Johnson wore dog masks in reference to them being home underdogs against Atlanta. The specific mask, though, has become a popular item for Eagles fans.

One Amazon shop has already seen its inventory of “Latex German Shepherd Dog Masks” sell out in the three days since the game. Other shops, according to ESPN, have doubled the price of their masks to keep up with demand and expect to see the entire inventory sold out this week.

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