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People magazine claims Kim and Kanye have named their newborn daughter Chicago. A source tells Radar Online that Kanye, who is from Chicago, came up with the name. “It was all Kanye. He really wanted a name that paid homage to his upbringing, and thought that his late mother Donda would have loved the name! Kim was adamantly against the name at first. But when she realized that she could call her ‘Chi’ she ultimately gave in. She does like the name ‘Chi,’ and she is telling everyone that she will never call her daughter ‘Chicago.’ Her family was super disappointed.”

The Blast claims a Seattle-based food truck called Chicago West plans to honor Kim and Kanye’s new daughter Chicago with a sandwich. They tell the site; ”We at ChicagoWest are so honored that Kim and Kanye would consider naming their child after our food truck. We didn’t see them at the truck, but feel this must be a nod to our amazing Chicago Beef Sandwich.” reports Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn were recently spotted having dinner together at a West Hollywood restaurant. Chris had his arm around Olivia as they told jokes to one another. The couple may have entered the restaurant in secret through a back door

The Star claims Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson were recently having dinner with her mother, Melanie Griffith, when Chris admitted that he had a poster of Melanie on his wall as a teen. A source tells the magazine; “When Chris confessed to having a crush on Melanie as a kid after watching Body Double. Dakota was mortified! She had no idea that Chris used to have a poster of her mother hanging in his bedroom. Griffith loved all the attention she was getting from her daughter’s boyfriend, and later warned Dakota that she might steal Chris for herself.”

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