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Former Browns Coach Says He Couldn’t ‘Smell Smells and See Colors’ After Coaching the Team

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Former Browns Coach Says He Couldn't 'Smell Smells and See Colors' After Coaching the Team


Coaching the Browns clearly took its toll on Mike Pettine. After coaching in some capacity for 22 consecutive seasons, the Packers’ new defensive coordinator took the 2016 and 2017 seasons off when his time in Cleveland ended.

It sounds like he really needed the break from football. Pettine says he came out of Cleveland beat up mentally. “It took awhile before I could smell smells and see colors.”  Pettine’s time with the Browns got off to a good start. Cleveland went 7-4 before losing 18 of its next 21 games. He was fired after two seasons. In Pettine’s seven seasons as a head coach or defensive coordinator, he’s overseen five top-10 defenses

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