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Your Food is NOT A Weapon!

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Your Food is NOT A Weapon!

I have told you about the woman charged with domestic assault for hitting her husband with pizza…

I told you about the guy arrested for battery after hitting his girlfriend with fried chicken…

Now there is a story about a fella huzzing a burrito at his bosses head!

It seems this young man was upset about his work schedule. Instead of taking his grievances to management he began arguing with several co-workers. His supervisor, growing weary of the tirade, told the employee to “stop being a crybaby” about having to work the morning shift. That is when our “hero” thought outside of the bun and hurled a cheese filled burrito at his boss. No word on whether it was a Burrito Supreme or a standard Bean Burrito. Safe to say it wasn’t a┬áDouble-X L burrito because that would’ve caused major damage. Those things are huge!

Why are people throwing food? Why are we taking out our frustrations with value meals? Why have people forgotten that our sustenance did nothing to us and is the perfect symbol of light and love? Have we forgotten that our fast food isn’t a vehicle with which to harm anything other than your cholesterol, fat count and diabetic level? Stop the insanity! Stop throwing your food at people and start throwing your food down your own throats. Whatever your problem is with another human being, your food didn’t ask to be a part of your fight. In fact, if you took the time to take a bite out of your succulent fast food you may find that your anger would’ve subsided long enough to take another bite. So, instead of being rash and chucking that burger at an evil doer…or swinging your foot long like a modern day war hammer…take a bite out of your anger and chill the heck out, man!



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