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My Love For Sandwiches Knows No Bounds!

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My Love For Sandwiches Knows No Bounds!

I have discussed before how much I love sandwiches. This is not new territory. Now, DOMA Land + Sea in Long Island is testing how deep that loves goes. They are unveiling a sandwich that will only be available this week through the Super Bowl. However, the sandwich isn’t like other sandwiches. No, this sandwich is served with a glass of Crystal Champagne and will cost you $1000. The King Doma, as they are calling it, will include:

  • 28-Day Dry-Aged Prime Beef Short Ribs
  • 7-Day Glenlivet 25 Single Malt Brine
  • Indonesian Luwak Coffee Pastrami Rub
  • “Gold Speck” Argentinian Grilled Rye Whiskey Flatbread
  • Pan-Roasted Hudson Valley Foie Gras
  • Italian Alba White Truffles
  • Gold-Dusted Black Truffle Tator Tots with Saffron-Tomato-Aioli
  • Stoli Elite Wasabi-Infused Roasted Beet and Cabbage Horseraddish
  • Crystal-Infused French Mustartd
  • Microgreen Herb Medley
  • Gold Leaf and Mr. Pickle’s Kosher Dill Pickle garnish

Look, I know how stupid it is to purchase this monstrosity. I know that even entertaining the idea is possibly the dumbest thing that has ever crossed my mind. However, I love sandwiches and I am not ashamed!


Ok…I’m a LITTLE ashamed…

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