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Pornhub Can Help!

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Pornhub Can Help!

Before the NFC Championship game, the city of Philadelphia tried to get ahead of thee idiots by greasing their light poles. You see, in larger cities when an idiots favorite team wins a big game, the idiots like to climb light poles and, generally, be a jack ass. Sadly, it didn’t work. There is one hard and fast rule…if you tell an idiot it can’t do something, the idiot will do everything in it’s power to do that thing.

The city understands where it went wrong. Sgt. Eric Gripp of the Philadelphia Police Department was quoted as saying, “The fact that we were greasing them doesn’t mean we weren’t daring people to climb them. Unfortunately, it became a thing ahead of time so people thought we were daring them to topple the grease.”

So, the city stays defeated. It has decided to rub Crisco all over the light poles. However, pornographic website PornHub is telling the city NOT to give up on it’s dirty girl ways. They are offering to donate lube to the city for use on it’s poles. 110 gallons to be exact. Just a whole boatload of lube for all those dirty poles. Oh…gosh…there has to be a better way to put that.

No word on whether the city is accepting the PornHub lube or if they will go raw-dog and deal with the fall out later.



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