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Don’t drink S#!ty Beer

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Don't drink S#!ty Beer

Do you ever have those days like in the movie Ground Hogs day? When you wake up and repeat the same boring as hell tasks day after miserable day? I know when I was younger and had other people looking over me, I had days like that, gotta do what the man says. Guess what you don’t need to be stuck in the same remedial job, the same dead-end place the most boring existence, you don’t need to and I will tell you why. You and you alone are in charge of your own destiny; unless of course you are under 18 then it’s up to your parents. You can get the ball moving in the right direction though. You can not and should not blame others for your failures. Cause guess what it is your decision to do this that or the other thing, quit blaming your spouse, boss, kids, parents, your social standings etc because you can get up and move, take off and never look back or take off and help those in need with a hand up. I have had one good quote in my life and try to live by it every day so that I do not have a groundhog day moment. As I try to live by, “Life is too short to hang out with people you don’t love, work at a job you don’t like, to eat foods you don’t want and to drink s#!ty beer.”

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