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22nd annual Wafflebowl

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22nd annual Wafflebowl

Yesterday marked the 22nd annual Schmidt Family Waffle Bowl, every year since our oldest was born we have had waffles on Super Bowl Sunday.  Kind of weird that we do it because it is the only time during the year that we all have waffles.  Since none of us really cared about who won the game I think that we were in the game to see the commercials, and as a commercial skipper that was a hard thing to do.  Every time that a commercial came on you could feel the tension in the room as the anticipation to skip the commercials was surely there.  So, of the handful of commercials that tried, what were your favorites?  For me I really liked the Tide commercials and the one for Dodge that had the Vikings in it when they reached Minneapolis and found out they weren’t playing turned around and headed home.  As for the game, I didn’t care who won.

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