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A Super Bowl With The Ladies!

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A Super Bowl With The Ladies!

I watched the Super Bowl yesterday like every other red-blooded American sports fan. However, I was the only man in the room. I sat there and watched 4 quarters of professional football’s biggest game with not one, not two…but seven women.

I learned a lot.

The “ball aprons”, or the garment of clothing used to carry multiple game balls, is darling.

The extra swatch of fabric covering the players groin area, while necessary because…and I quote…”No one needs to be seeing all that”…makes the pants look weird.

Whoever told Justin Timberlake to wear that outfit should be fired.

Seeing Zach Ertz’s wife does not cause as much anger as Giselle does. Also… Tom Brady is weird looking.

David Harbour (Tide Ad, Stranger Things, Hellboy) is referred to as ‘Dad’ in a both an innocently-cute, and overtly flirty, way.

Nick Foles’ baby makes some women’s uteruses skip beats.

More Chris Pratt shirtless. That was a sentence that was used. Just…”More Chris Pratt shirtless.”

All in all, it was one of the more pleasurable Super Bowl parties I have been to. Thank you to my wife (Michelle), Kat, Bobbie, Taylor, Emily, Lizz and Margaret. I want to get the ladies back together for the World Series. I am sure they will have copious amounts to teach me about color schemes, catchers butts and the cuteness level of Umpire Attire

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