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Christie Brinkley tells Porter magazine that Donald Trump once flirted with her while he was married to Ivana. People magazine quotes her as saying; “My phone rings and this guy goes, ‘Hey, Christie, it’s The Donald.’ I say, ‘Hi, Billy,’ because I was dating Billy [Joel] at the time,” Brinkley told Porter magazine, as reported by The Sunday Times. “But the voice goes, ‘No, no. It’s The Donald!’ So I say, ‘What’s up?’ And he says, ‘I hear you’re leaving for Aspen tomorrow. I am too. I’d like to give you a ride on my private jet.’ I knew he was married, and there he was asking me to go on his plane. He was kind of flirty about it. He was out chasing skirts. claims Tom Brady has no plans to retire. A source tells the site; “Tom is disappointed but motivated by the loss to get back there and win it again. This off-season he is going to remain healthy and not retire and not even think about retiring. And to add to it all, Gisele is completely on board and wants him to play as long as he would like, they are both on the same wavelength with their decision-making. And we are going to see lots more of Tom, you can count on that!”

TheTelegraph reports Justin Timberlake was allegedly disappointed with some of the negative reviews his Super Bowl halftime performance received. A source tells the paper; He left the field feeling great. He thought he had knocked it out of the park giving one of the great super bowl performances. It was only after that he found about the sound issues. He is devastated. Justin worked 11 hour days in rehearsals and although his team has protected him from the nastiest reviews he is aware that his performance is not getting good press.

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