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Memories of Family Fest

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Memories of Family Fest

My dad told me a long time ago in order to have a great life to, you should have a lot of stories and go back on to relive, reflect, and remember.  I recall the 1st time that I want to Family Fest at the lacrosse center, I didn’t work for the radio station but I kept hearing about it on the radio.  My kids were young so we thought what the heck, let’s go and visit and see what Family Fest is all about.  I remember bringing my kids, and allowing them to bounce around in the bounce houses, touring the fire trucks and police cars, seeing all the bike shops in fact I think it was the first time my son tried riding a bike. It was great to watch some of the talent on stage.  I recall making it to the Dairy Queen booth for the Dilly bars for a dollar a dollar.  Still my favorite booth.   Plus all the money raised from Dairy Queen of Onalaska at family fest goes to help out children’s miracle network hospitals.  I recall the Logger Dog lunch and the chance to buy girl scout cookies from the booth.  These are just some of the memories from Family Fest.     Start adding to your memories by making it to family fast 2018 February 25th at the La Crosse Center.

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