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Can We Stop With The Ridiculously Opulent Food Please?

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Can We Stop With The Ridiculously Opulent Food Please?

I recently saw that a restaurant in Boston is offering a $3000 burger and I saw red. I cooled when I realized that they are doing this for a Valentines Day Special and the burger comes with an engagement ring. However, I am getting more and more fatigued by the $100 Hot Dog and the $10,000 martini or the 4-million dollar Strawberries Arnaud.

I am not sure when this trend started. The trend of swallowing your money in the form of stupidity. The worst part is…you’re not paying for food. You’re paying for the ability to say you paid x-amount of dollars for some sort of food dish because no matter how bad the pig anus market is…you can’t manufacture a martini that costs $1o,000 to make. No, instead, they give you a fancy martini and diamond crusted glass to drink it out of. Further proving that being tacky takes a lot of damn money. Case in point…

If you want to see a recent list of the most expensive foods in the world check out this STYLE ARTICLE HERE.¬†And if you can afford ANY of these things…might I suggest a donation to the “Love a Local DJ” fund? They are doing fantastic things in my bedroom!

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