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8 backhanded compliments men give to women

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You Don’t Look Your Age

“You don’t look as old as you are.” That’s what Mo heard from a man. She not only felt confused but also a bit insulted. This compliment really does depend on how old the man things you look. If he thinks you look 21 and you’re 35, yes, awesome! If he thinks you look 35 and you’re 21, not so awesome. He’s a trickster!

You Are Thick

Depending on the culture, stating that a woman is “thick” can be an insult or a compliment. In the Dominican culture, it is most definitely a compliment. Curves are celebrated. In the American culture, not so much. So, when a guy told Dana, “You have thick thighs,” she did not appreciate his statement.

You Have an Exotic Nose

I have a nose fetish, so I get why people take note of the noses of others. But is having an exotic nose a good thing? That’s what Ericka wanted to know when a man said, “You have an exotic nose.” I smell a rat!

Your Eyes Look Like Poo

A friend of mine on Facebook said this about her odd compliment. “He liked my eyes because they were the color of diarrhea. Then he said, ‘I didn’t mean it like that.’ How else can you mean it?” My sentiments exactly, Kira. Poo is not sexy!

You’re Too Thin

When will men ever learn not to talk about a woman’s weight … ever? Jenny wishes they didn’t. She told me that a guy once said to her, ” You’re so skinny. Do you just eat crackers?” That would infuriate me because it’s assuming the woman is unhealthy. I don’t know how she didn’t crack his face.

You Have Poodle Hair

Guys really have a hard time with a woman’s hair. They often don’t even realize when we’ve had it cut or colored. So, imagine how shocked Elise was to learn that her hair looks like a poodle? Yup. A guy once said this of her naturally curly and gorgeous hair, “Your hair looks like a poodle.” Cute dogs, but not a compliment!

You’re Just a Pretty Face

When a man says, “You’re pretty,” that is indeed a compliment. When he says, “At least you have a pretty face,” it doesn’t feel like one. Sara heard this from a man, and she was dumbfounded. What? Does she suck that bad in all other areas? Sheesh!

Is That You, Lil’ Kim?

When Krista was hit on by a white man, he thought he would compliment her by comparing her to Lil’ Kim, the rapper. Have you seen Lil’ Kim? No offense, but she’s not the most obvious beauty in Hollywood. So, compliment or insult? Questionable.


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