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What I am Most Excited For at Family Fest 2018

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
What I am Most Excited For at Family Fest 2018

I have made it known throughout the halls of the La Crosse Media Group that very little is going to keep me out of the Big Event Company’s inflatables. I don’t even care what they bring…The Ironman, any of the bounce houses, the Gladiator Joust…I am going to tap into my inner child and let loose. Lord help me if they bring Murlin’s magic! I’ve been told that I am both too old and too big to enjoy the inflatables. I am not ashamed to admit that I have a fake I.D. that puts me at 10 years of age and I can fake a glandular problem. I’m none too proud.

Other than making sure my inner ten-year-old is satisfied, I would by lying if I said the food didn’t excite me. It’s not many days that you can take in pulled pork from Famous Dave’s, nachos from Burrachos and a Logger dog all within walking distance of each other! I’m actually a little worried that I might not make it out of any of the food booths which would be simply unacceptable. I mean, Modern Woodman Fraternal Financial is bringing a DOG!!! I can’t miss my opportunity to pet and play with a pupper doggo on fully tum-tum! I will do my absolute best to act within the decorum of a professional radio personality. However, I fully plan on being wheeled out of the La Crosse Center with a gleeful smile from ear to ear. My tummy satisfied, my childhood satisfied and an overall sense of pride in what Family Fest 2018 provided for me!

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