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Do ya tip a take out order? I don’t think I ever have.

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Do ya tip a take out order?  I don't think I ever have.

I don’t know if you heard that a waitress from Outback Steakhouse got fired for complaining about a customer not leaving a tip.  When I read the headline, Waitress stiffed a tip on a $735 takeout order, then fired after she complained on Facebook. I miss read it as “Waitress stiffed a tip on a $735 order, then fired after she complained on Facebook” To me those are two different items.  If she were stiffed on a $735 order that she brought to the table that would have sucked, if she got stiffed on a $735 take out order, then, does she really deserve a tip?  When does the line of doing my job because it is my job change to I am only doing my job because I am doing it for a tip.  My kids work at a full service gas station and sometimes they get tips for checking air, washing windows, or pumping gas, most the time they don’t but every once in a while someone give a tip.  Do they do their jobs any less or any more based on if they get a tip, no.  They are doing their jobs because they are doing their jobs.  What is that line for tipping or not tipping?  When is doing your job doing your job?  Is our society going to a pay as you use society?

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