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A Lady and Her Buns!

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A Lady and Her Buns!

There was a lady in Pennsylvania that recently took her horse through a drive though. That reminded me of the time that I walked through a drive through while in high school. I had a vehicle. I…legit…parked the car I was driving, looked at my buddy and said “Lets do this!” Like we were going to rob a bank, or stop a terrorist or do anything other than walk through a drive through after exiting a perfectly sound vehicle. But, that is exactly what we did. Got out of my grandmothers Dodge Neon. Walked through the drive through and giggled like a pair of 5-year-olds as we ordered our chicken nuggets and orange drink. The woman working the window rolled her eyes so hard at us that the French judge gave them perfect tens.

However, I am getting off topic. This lady and her horse. Her name is Marcella Gruchalak. Her horse’s name is Buns. Macrcella took her Buns to Wendy’s. Used her Buns to take out Wendy. Buns.

Marcella said she always wanted to take her horse through a drive through and that she thought it would be extra funny if she took the horse through Wendy’s because they are both red heads. Hot Buns and two red heads? Now that is a Friday night!

There has been some backlash to the horse being brought out in what could’ve been a dangerous situation. Shelly Tate, the woman who shot the, now, viral video explained the situation. “Funny bunny B, a.k.a. Buns, and Marcy were asked by my friend Jeff to donate their time for a fundraiser at his club in Dormont benefiting the Children’s Hospital. Everybody at the fundraiser got a thrill to see a horse out in the city and many kids said they have never touched a live horse before, which was very sweet,” she said.

“On our way home back to the stable Marcy expressed that she always wanted to go through a drive-thru on horses back….so with much consideration we decided to pull over into a well lit and non-heavy traffic area so that she could do this. I monitored the horses safety at all times.”

Hot Buns, cool treats…that is one hell of a Wendy’s run! Ok, that one just sounds like a commercial…


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