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Ashley Graham Loves to Walk Around the House Naked

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Ashley Graham Loves to Walk Around the House Naked


It’s no secret that Ashley Graham is perfectly comfortable putting her curves on display. Just look at this photo from her 2016 Maximcover shoot.

The bodacious beauty loves being naked for two big reasons. She recently told the New York Post that she and her husband, Justin Ervin, spice things up by hanging around their house without a shred of clothing on.

“We like to walk around the house naked together,” she said. “It keeps things fresh.”

Speaking to the Telegraph last month, Graham expanded on her nude inclinations.

“Not every woman is like this, not every model is like this, but I’m a special case in that I would walk around butt-naked if I could, because it’s just more comfortable for me.”

That said, she also loves a good bikini.

“I feel like if I’m showing more of my body, and the bathing suit is less constricting, then it’s just more flattering.”


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