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“Time Traveler” Passes Lie-Detector Test

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“Time Traveler” Passes Lie-Detector Test

Source: Mirror


A man who calls himself “Noah” and claims he comes from 2030 with predictions of the future, has passed a lie-detector test. And in case you’re curious, he says:

Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

Bitcoin is used, but so it cash…including pennies.

Humans fly to Mars in 2028, and time travel is made public.

Electric cars travel 600-miles-per-hour.

Artificial Intelligence will become more prevalent by 2021, and machines in the form of Google-glass will be taking over.

“Noah” also says he’s 50-years-old but took a rejuvenation drug to make him look 25, and he suffers from anorexia and depression. And P.S.? If you believe your delusion, you’ll pass a lie detector. So…do with that what you will.

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