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People magazine claims Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are starting to fall for one another. A source tells the magazine; “They’re really into each other. They spend a lot of time together, and they just have so much in common. They’re both athletes, they both like to compete. So they have a lot to talk about. It’s different than a lot of his other relationships.”

Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards trashed Taylor Swift during a recent interview with Wall Street Journal magazine. He said; “Good luck girl — wish her well while it lasts. I’ve just been around too long to be picking the bones out of kids. It wouldn’t be fair of me and I’ve always been opinionated anyway.” Keith previously told GQ Magazine; “Taylor is a pretty girl, she’s just a “flavor of the month.”

In Touch Weekly claims Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have a custody agreement in place for their four dogs. Sources tell the magazine; “They’ve always referred to them as their children, and it looks like Jen will keep the LA dogs with her and Justin will keep the pit bull in NYC. But it was the biggest bone of contention in the split. They’ve made an arrangement for visitation.”

The NY Post claims Patriots owner Robert Kraft may have fathered a child with his 38 year-old girlfriend Ricki Lander. He is 76. The paper claims she gave birth last year. Ricki and Robert have been dating for 5 years. It is not known if he is the baby’s biological father. A source tells the paper; “Bob is fully supporting the child. There is a lot of tiptoeing around the subject at the Patriots offices. Everyone is afraid to openly talk about it.”

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