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When your Furby won’t Fur-Be!

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When your Furby won't Fur-Be!

Do you remember Furby’s? The little, quasi interactive, “pet” that were the MUST HAVE Christmas present of 1998. Furby’s were cute little fur…bees. They spoke gibberish and blinked their eyes. They also never ever worked the way the commercials told us they would. Plus, some of them were just chok full of ghosts and other spooky juju. They would turn on randomly, utter nonsense phrases, change voices, steal change off of your dresser and seduce your spouse. Some of them were monsters.

Like anything that has ever been or ever will be, there is a Wikipedia page devoted to the Furby where you can also find a pretty comprehensive list of the different glitches Fur-bowners have experienced. Twitter user @dreamgrave shared a screenshot of that glitch page called the “Fur-Bugs”. While I am not sure if I have ever uttered a more millennial phrase then that one, I am sure that some of these are golden little nuggets of absurdist comedy…

  • Furby can sometimes use its eyes as it’s mouth and vice versa.
  • Sometimes they can have deep voices for no apparent reason.
  • Sometimes your Furby dances then dies. No one knows why this happens.
  • If shaken too roughly, Furby may change personalities into Feisty or Rockstar mode, but its voice will be raspy and doubled.
  • Rarely the furby may change personalities after being left alone without it yelling “Me changing!”
  • Furby may think he is constantly being shaken.
  • Furby can die seconds after waking up. It can’t be fixed.
  • Sometimes Furby can go numb.
  • The ears are easy to pull off.

Who misses the old days when all we had to worry about was being slow like Cousin Todd after the lawn dart incident? My sister had a Furby and I never trusted it. Then one day I was walking down the stairs to dinner when I felt a push on my back and I fell down them. When I turned around and looked up…this is what I saw…

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