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Non-Americans Reveal Their 17 Favorite Foods They Can’t Get Outside of the U.S.

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Non-Americans Reveal Their 17 Favorite Foods They Can't Get Outside of the U.S.

SOURCE:  Food & Wine

It’s no secret that people who don’t live in America have … feelings about America. For example, American tourists have developed somehwat of a reputation abroad, among restaurant workers, for a few distinctive behaviors, like extra-loud conversations and asking for extra protein on dishes that aren’t supposed to have extra protein.

And yet, people around the world appreciate some things about the U.S.A., namely food things. A new AskReddit thread posed the question: “Non-Americans, what’s your favorite American food you can’t get in your country?” and the results were enthusiastic and surprising, to say the least. (The thread strikes a far different tone than this one, which highlighted the American foods people despite.)

Here, some surprising American delicacies that non-Americans love:

1. “I ran into a guy from the U.K. who couldn’t get enough of gas station beef jerky. He talked about how good it was for a solid 10 minutes.”

2. “Those $1 huge cans of iced tea.”

3. “There’s a few, but the ultimate is Dippin’ Dots. Holy shit, that ice cream was awesome, and I miss it everyday.”

4. “Ice for my drinks.”

And my favorite

5. “Velveeta, Mountain Dew, Twinkies, giant snow crab legs from Costco and Ring Pops.”


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