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Ill. Man’s Crime Spree Prompted by Fear of Zombies

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Ill. Man's Crime Spree Prompted by Fear of Zombies

SOURCE:  SmokingGun

Justin Deemie, 27, was indicted today on several felony charges related to a bizarre drug-fueled spree last month in Peoria, Ill .

According to investigators, Deemie was under the influence of narcotics on February 17 when he became  Fearful of an impending zombie apocalypse.  He then stole a car, rammed the vehicle into an airport terminal, and then made his way onto the tarmac, where he got on a vacant plane in an apparent bid to escape the undead invaders.

Deemie then  fled the plane and, tried to break into a Peoria County Sheriff’s Office squad car  with a brick.   The Journal Star, reports Deemie planned to drive the cop car to Florida and hide from the zombies


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