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I hate Daylight Saving Time. Hate it.

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I hate Daylight Saving Time.  Hate it.

It’s the semi-annual mess with your sleep weekend. Daylight saving time starts on Sunday morning at 2 am, and Standard time ends. Notice I called it daylight saving time and not daylight savings time, it is singular as in a singular time change that disrupts my sleep for a few days. Why oh why can’t we be like parts of Arizona, parts of Indiana, and all of Hawaii and leave the time alone. I hate changing the clocks. There I said it I hate messing with the clocks because when I can never get them exact. I was contemplating on marching to my own drummer when it came to the time, but there are too many variables such as work and kids events. TV is covered because I TiVo everything and really never watch that live. Another thing that I dislike is that this weekend will be jipped, as this Saturday and Sunday will only consist of 47 hours, and I will get one less hour of sleep. Ok that is a lie I am going to take a nap or two over the weekend. I have asked both of my US Senators and my Congressman about doing away with the time change all together, one man isn’t going to make that change who will stand with me on doing away with the time change?

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