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E! Online claims Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez tells Vulture magazine that Arie Luyendyk Jr was messaging her and other women while courting Lauren. ”I wasn’t the only contestant he was DMing while the show was airing. It wasn’t just me and Lauren, there were other women as well. C’mon, dude. You’re 36, you know better. You’re not oblivious and you know how relationships work. I guarantee Lauren didn’t know he was messaging me. Lauren doesn’t like me.”

The Blast claims Joey Lawrence and his wife recently filed for bankruptcy. They sold purses and wallets on eBay and their clothing at second hand stores. Lawrence has liabilities of $355,000 and assets worth $43,907. His monthly expenses are $25,000 while his income is just over $6,000 Lawrence says his income dropped after his television show ”Melissa & Joey” ended in 2015.

The NY Post claims Johnny Depp’s ex wife, Amber Heard, was recently spotted on a date with Sean Penn. An eyewitness at a Hollywood bar says; “Amber Heard and Sean Penn looked like they were on a date. They shared a bottle of red wine and were flirty and intimate with each other, at times in deep conversation and at times laughing.”

Perez Hilton claims Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were recently escorted out of a Tarzana, California restaurant after they engaged in an intense argument in front of their five children and other diners. Police removed the family through the back door of the establishment.

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