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Becareful! We go inside my head for this one…

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Becareful! We go inside my head for this one...

I really don’t have much to say in the way of interesting stories. IT’s kind of a drab Monday if I am being honest. I mean, you can only talk about drunks, angry people, stupid people and other such miscreants so much before it all becomes the same stuff, right? So, I thought I would take the time for you to get to know the miscreant I am most well versed in. Me. Here are…

Things I am thinking about this Monday Afternoon:

Ground up beef is called hamburger…but ground up pork is called sausage. The English language is ridiculous.

I never know which shade of grey my mood is…so I always feel mismatched.

Y Tu Mama Tambien sounds like a word Michael Jackson would’ve made up.

Mama Say Mama Saw Makusah sounds like a line of dialogue from a person of color in a movie written by racists.

Your mom is probably better than my mom at being your mom.

Love is the dirtiest…and most widely misused…of the four letter words.

If therapists didn’t want to have a profession that every one is leery of, they wouldn’t have spelled the word that way: Therapists

If a woodchuck could chuck wood…would you really care how much he could chuck or would you be so terrified that a tiny little animal was chucking wood all over the place that you would run away in fear?

I enjoy that I am allowed to waste your time this way.




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