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The city of La Crosse was worried.

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
The city of La Crosse was worried.

Much ado about nothing. The city of La Crosse leaders were worried about the effect of the shorter alternate side parking and what kind of effect that it would have on the bottom line. Guess what the shortened alternate side parking season brought in even more tickets, that’s right more people got tickets in the shortened alternate side parking in the city. In 2018 we had 31 days less of the pain in the ass trying to remember what side we were supposed to be on. This past season consisted of the 120 days of November 15th and March 15th. In those 120 days, 14,719 citations were written or about 123 per night. Not bad city of La Crosse at a minimum of $147,190 for people parking on the area in front of their homes that they already pay taxes on. I say minimum because the tickets start out at 10 bucks each and go up from there. For those of us that remembered to park on the right side of the road kudos to you, for those of you that didn’t, better luck with the parking lottery next year.

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