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The Juiciest on Melania-Courtney-Rhonda & Justin/Jessica

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Life & Style Weekly Magazine, citing, claims Melania Trump is bracing for Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night. A source tells the magazine; “Melania is bracing herself for what’s to come out during the 60 Minutes special, and is prepared for some pretty humiliating and embarrassing revelations to come out. Donald insists he has told her every detail of what allegedly went down between himself and Stormy, but Melania is expecting further details to come to light.”
In Touch Weekly claims Jennifer Aniston and Will Arnett have allegedly been getting close. A source tells the magazine that she attended a recent party with him. She was beaming and in great spirits. She caught up with friends with Will by her side, and they looked really good together.”

Ronda Rousey tells the Daily Mirror that Hulk Hogan inspired her to become a pro wrestler. ”I grew up in The Midwest, in North Dakota, and WWE was very big when I was a kid. I had an obsession with Hulk Hogan, before I could even talk because I had trouble speaking as a kid … When I started to get older, like I still really idolised Hulk Hogan for being the biggest, toughest guy on the planet

The Irish Post and Closer magazine claim Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid will marry in Ireland this June. Ed Sheeran introduced the couple. The Irish Post claims the wedding will be on June 15th

The NY Post claims Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been enjoying cryotherapy dates together in New York City. They stand in subzero tanks for three minutes. The couple burns as many as 800 calories during their sessions. Each session costs $85

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