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Who buys this stuff?

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Who buys this stuff?

I swear, I am not a class warrior and I do not judge people that have money to spend that I do not. However, I stumbled upon this today…

Looks like a tin can, right? Well, you are half correct. That is a STERLING SILVER tin can that you can purchase from Tiffany & Co. for the low price of $1,000. But that isn’t all that Tiffany’s is offering. They have a whole line that they are calling “Everyday Objects” where you can purchase sterling silver or bone china “paper” cups and a gold vermeil crazy straw and a $9,000, sterling silver, ball of yarn…

Here are SOME of the other things you can purchase from Tiffany’s “Everyday Objects line:

Sterling and Walnut Silver Yo-yo ($300)
Sterling Silver Ruler, Protractor, Triangle or T-Square ($400-$475)
Sterling Silver and Glass Pencil Sharpener ($275)
Sterling Silver Pizza Cutter ($165)
Leather and Walnut Ping Pong Paddles ($650)
Sterling Silver Golf Tee ($175)

I have brought it up before but when I was a kid I desperately wanted to swim in money like Scrooge McDuck does during the opening credits of the old Duck Tales cartoon. I used to picture my pudgy body springing off of a diving board toward room-sized pool of gold doubloons. Suddenly my body would change into that of a duck…with arms…deftly swimming through the metal “water” I had plunged into. Backstroking for my life.

Is…is…hm…is Tiffany’s working toward my childhood goal? Cause…ti surely seems like it and I have NOT been saving or making money the way I need to be to be able to swim in gold coin. I am not prepared for that sort of let down. My KIDS can have live let down for me…

“Oh, look at that. The Smiths have a pool of coins to swim in.”
“Hey, do you remember when dad really wanted to do that?”
“Yeah..sort of. … Man, he got weird at the end didn’t he?”
“He really did. Hey, it’s a good thing we are fake kids or this would be really sad.”

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