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The Juiciest on Justin-Babs-JLo & Angie

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K! magazine claims Jason Bateman’s wife Amanda allegedly wants his good friend, Jennifer Aniston, to give their family some space. A source tells the magazine; “Jen has always been clingy with Jason, but more so as her marital problems ballooned. Now her late-night phone calls, endless texts and overnight stays in the guest room have become too much for Amanda. She still feels the amount of time Jen wants to spend with him seems inappropriate given he’s a married father with kids. She’s just hoping that Jen meets a guy soon and gets out of their hair!”

The National Enquirer claims Barbra Streisand is slowly adapting to her cloned dogs. A source tells the magazine; “Barbra’s convinced Sammie’s still in doggie heaven. The other doggies are cute — but they’re not Sammie, who she still desperately misses. Barbra says the precious pet comes through in dreams and still yaps with her through psychic mediums.”

Jennifer Lopez tells Harper’s Bazaar Magazine that her cheat day involves fried pork chops, white rice and vegetables. ‘We’re all human. I don’t think you should beat yourself up if you make a mistake or if you have a potato chip. ‘Everyone wants a cookie or a piece of cake or fried chicken every once in a while. It’s not about that. It’s about consistently and always trying to be better and trying to do good.”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Angelina Jolie has a new boyfriend. A source tells the magazine; “There’s a millionaire British philanthropist who she’s been quietly seeing for over a year now. Gradually, their romance blossomed into real love. She’s decided to marry her wealthy beau as soon as the ink is dry on the divorce from Brad. In fact, Angie’s so in love that she was the one to propose!”

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