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Some Things People Have Purchased Online while Drunk Shopping

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Some Things People Have Purchased Online while Drunk Shopping



Earlier this month, found that drunks accounted for over $30-billion in shopping last year. What’d they buy? Food (obviously) followed by clothing/accessories and gambling. There was also plenty of dumb crap thrown in the mix, as well.

Thankfully, we have They did a little digging and came up with a whole arsenal of crap people shelled out their hard-earned money for while hammered. Here are just a few of the low-lights:

AM Heidi’s favorite-A dog from a store in Los Angeles. He was reminded of it the next day when the store called saying the “papers were ready” to be shipped, along with the dog, to Montreal.

A dove.

A tooth-shaped lamp, a Rob Zombie t-shirt, and an industrial amount of wool yarn.

A hat knitted by the grandmother of the singer of a band I love.

Any exercise or “tummy-flattener” gizmo on QVC at 3am.

and my favorite-A shower curtain of Jeff Goldblum holding a monkey.

Just a friendly word of advice here: when you know you’re going to be drinking, put the credit card and internet access away, and locked in a safe place.

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