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The Juiciest on Adam-Paris-Paris and Caitlin

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Radar Online claims Adam Levine has agreed to a new deal to continue mentoring and judging on The Voice. A source tells the website; “These coaches have really great chemistry. The audience agrees as evidenced by a huge uptick in ratings. The producers know that Adam is the reason that so many fans tune in every week and they are not going to risk losing viewers.

The Boston Herald claims Mark Wahlberg recently used a high-tech portable cooler to bring his own red wine to a restaurant in Miami. The paper claims the actor totes around the cooler because he is not familiar with certain wine lists at restaurants.

People magazine claims Paris Hilton recently lost her $2 million, 20-carat diamond engagement ring while partying at a Miami nightclub. Her fiance Chris and club security searched frantically for it before someone found it in an ice bucket two tables away in the VIP area.

Celebrity Insider claims Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris is dating supermodel Cara Delevingne. A source tells the website; ‘Prince has said that their father would be really proud of his daughter for following her path, as she always has. It’s probably the healthiest and happiest relationship Paris has ever been in, and for that, her family has their full support.”

Radar Online claims Caitlyn Jenner dislikes it when her daughters call her dad instead of mom. A source tells the website; “Her own daughters, Kendall and Kylie, still refuse to call her ‘mom’. They call her ‘dad’ and it drives Caitlyn crazy. She understands why her stepkids wouldn’t, but she’s told her daughters to please not call her ‘dad’ anymore. She’s sick and tired of it.

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