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NFL Owners Unanimously Approve Simplified Catch Rule

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NFL Owners Unanimously Approve Simplified Catch Rule

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NFL owners unanimously approved a new catch rule Tuesday, a change designed specifically to avoid a handful of controversies that have vexed the league for most of this decade.


The catch rule, proposed by the league’s competition committee at the behest of commissioner Roger Goodell, will eliminate the requirement to maintain control of the ball throughout the process of going to the ground. Instead, it will define a catch with a simpler three-step process: A receiver must control of the ball, establish himself in bounds and perform a football move such as taking a third step or lunging with the ball in hand.

Most important to the league, the change means that plays such as those involving Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson (2010) and Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (2014) will in the future be ruled catches.



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