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‘Ecosexuals’ Are Having Sex with Trees and Nature to Save the Planet

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'Ecosexuals' Are Having Sex with Trees and Nature to Save the Planet

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The wild world of sexual pleasures is a big, big place that is often very difficult to fully comprehend, and there’s one type of sexuality/social movement that you’ve probably never heard of before: Ecosexuality, also known as sexecology.

By a loose, unofficial definition, ecosexuals are folks who get off to nature, and believe they are helping the planet by having sex with it. They rub up on plants, roll around in dirt until they orgasm, have sex with trees, knock one off under a waterfall…That sort of stuff.

In other words, it’s not Mother Nature…it’s Lover Nature.

But it’s important to note that there are varying degrees of ecosexuality, where the mild end of the spectrum includes things like using coconut oil as a sustainable alternative to lube, using crystalsex toys, walking around naked, and going skinny dipping.

On the other, more extreme end of the ecosex spectrum, people literally have sex with trees and logs and vegetables and whatnot, finger plants and flowers, get married to vegetation, oceans, and celestial bodies, and do dirty stuff to dirt in an effort to show the earth some love and save the planet.



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