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The JUICIEST on Corey-Donald Jr and Jennifer

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People magazine claims Corey Feldman was stabbed on Tuesday. He says three men opened his car door and stabbed him while his security guard was distracted. The Blast claims Corey was unable to give officers a description of his attackers.

WMUR reportsthe LAPD is disputing Corey’s story. Officer Luis Garcia is quoted by the website as saying; “Mr. Feldman had no puncture wounds or lacerations on his body, anywhere, when police arrived to take his report. There was just no stabbing.”
Radar Online, citing US Weekly, claims Donald Trump Jr. may have wanted to have a baby with his mistress Aubrey O’Day. A source tells the website; “Don told Aubrey he wanted to have a baby with her and they were trying for one. He’d call Aubrey and leave long voicemails telling her he still loved her over and over. He’d cry and say he was nervous his wife would take the kids away.”

Radar Online claims Jennifer Aniston allegedly dislikes Emma Stone allegedly flirting with her ex-husband Justin Theroux. A source tells the website; “Jen’s been keeping a low-profile after the split, so of course it was frustrating to see Justin hanging out at Paris Fashion Week with beautiful women like Emma. Jen knows that Justin is going to move on eventually, but she is crushed over the rumors.”

The NY Post claims Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev was recently touring a New York City apartment when a portion of its ceiling fell on her head as she was going to the bathroom. A real estate source tells the paper; “We’ve had lots of problems. Pipes broke, covering people with water and two people got stuck in the elevator. Then a piece of the ceiling fell on Nina’s head while she was on the toilet.”

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