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Officials Say Man Has ‘Worst Ever’ Case of Gonorrhea

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Officials Say Man Has 'Worst Ever' Case of Gonorrhea

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SOURCE:  Newser

Learning you have gonorrhea is probably not a bright spot of your day.  Learning you probably have the worst case of gonorrjhea is also nothing to celebrate.The Press Association reports a man in the UK was diagnosed earlier this year with what is believed to be the first strain of gonorrhea to be resistant to the main antibiotic treatment. Public Health England says the man contracted this super-gonorrhea during a sexual encounter with a woman in Southeast Asia. His symptoms appeared about a month later, according to CNN. As is usual with gonorrhea, doctors attempted to treat it with the antibiotics azithromycin and ceftriaxone. Usually the antibiotics  work, this time they didn’t.  Health officials are going back through the man’s sexual history to keep the gonorrhea from spreading. So far no other cases have appeared, including in the man’s regular female partner in the UK. Doctors are trying a final antibiotic on the man and will know if it worked next month..if not…Youch

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