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C is for cookie…and cake…and crowbar…and…other stuff this restaurant sells.

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C is for cookie...and cake...and crowbar...and...other stuff this restaurant sells.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, there is a restaurant in Seminole Heights, Florida that is only serving foods that start with the letter C. As though they watched Sesame Street exactly once…on a day the show was brought to you by the Letter C…and said to themselves “THAT’S IT! That is our ticket!” The C-House…as it is known…focuses on “The Big 3” according owner Danna Haydar. Those, of course, are champagne, charcuterie and cheesecake (If, like me you have no idea what charcuterie is, according to Google, it’s meats)

Danna did branch out to include OTHER products that start with the letter C. At the C-House one can purchase coasters, candles, cocktail napkins classic wood pieces and others. I started wondering to myself, what exactly COULD this place sell?

Cobb Salads
Charro, The Coochie Coochie girl
Chainlink Fence
Channel Numbers 1 through 5
Clarence Carter…on clearance
Chester Fried Chicken
Chaka Khan (I feel for you…)
California Raisins
Chartreuse Everything
Anything related to the male anatomy or roosters

Ok…now all I can think of are swear words. That list is much longer. MUCH longer.




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