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STAR WARS Fans Have Started a Petition for a New Princess Leia

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STAR WARS Fans Have Started a Petition for a New Princess Leia

PHOTO: NME/'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope'


Star Wars fans have begun a petition to get Disney to hire an acting icon as a new Princess Leia.

Fans are calling on Disney, LucasFilm, LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy, and director JJ Abrams to replace Carrie Fisher with Meryl Streep in Episode IX. The petition describes Streep as “an ideal candidate”, saying she “has always been known as the greatest actress alive.”

“With three Oscar wins and twenty nominations (probably twenty-one by next year’s), her achievement in acting has long been recognized,” it read. “Apart from her acclaimed acting performances, her close relationship with Carrie Fisher and her performance in Postcards From The Edge also made her an ideal candidate to play Leia in Star Wars Episode IX.”

It noted that Postcards From The Edge was written by Fisher and was based on “her semi-autobiographical novel”. Streep played the character of Suzanne Vale in the movie, which the petition said is “believed to be based on Carrie Fisher herself”.

The petition currently has 8,443 supporters at the time of writing, while its goal is to get 9,000. There has been no response at present from any of the parties addressed in the campaign.

Leia was supposed to be at the centre of the plot for Episode IX, but her death meant the script had to be rewritten. Star Wars producers have said they will not digitally recreate Fisher for future movies, like they did in spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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