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The Central Dispatch: 4-2-18

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

Opening Weekend is behind us. The Brewers won late 3 times in a row…the Cubs Split with a glorified minor league team and the Twins took 2 of 3 from the Pirates! All in all, a great weekend of baseball…even if us Cubs fans are awfully quiet heading into the first full week of the season.

Kicking off the first full week of the regular season, the Brewers find themselves opening at home agains the St. Louis Cardinals. The team that was supposed to be the third team in the race for the NL Central. The Cubs are still on the road against the Reds and the Twins will host the team that is tied with the Brewers for the lead, Pittsburgh.

Remember…it’s early and 50-75% of these numbers won’t mean anything by July! Gosh, I love baseball!

NL Central

  1. Brewers        3-0 (v. St. Louis)
  2. Pirates          3-0 (v. Minnesota)
  3. Cubs              2-2 (@ Cincinnati)
  4. Cardinals       1-2 (@Milwaukee)
  5. Reds              0-3 (v. Chicago-NL)

AL Central

  1. White Sox     2-0 (@ Toronto)
  2. Twins            2-1 (@ Pittsburgh)
  3. Indians          1-2 (@ Los Angeles-AL)
  4. Royals           0-2 (@ Detroit)
  5. Tigers           0-3 (v. Kansas City)


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